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SouthAm launches freeze-dried Maqui and Acai powders

Responding to booming demand for super fruit such as maqui berry and acai berry, SouthAm Freeze Dry has launched a new line of freeze-dried fruit powders.


Superfoods and plant-based diets for the future

Boris Hirmas, Southam Freeze-Dry, and Carlos Barroso, CJB and Associates, discuss the growing popularity of superfoods and plant-based diets.


Move Over, Acai. Here Comes the Maqui Berry

Natives of Chile have reveled in it for centuries. Now local entrepreneurs want to export the antioxidant-rich maqui berry and become the next super-food giants.


Chile’s Controversial New Food Labels

Chilean regulators have cracked down on food labeling in order to better inform and educate the population on dietary content.

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